5cc Bar Review

Please note this was originally published on Blue Tomato Reviews in 2013

They just don’t make buildings like they used to you know? Sure, the Shard is pretty impressive to look at, but it can’t beat the quirkiness and details of old buildings. 5cc is nestled in the basement of an old print house turned public house in the heart of Farringdon. It’s pretty easy to walk past and be none the wiser, for 5cc isn’t clearly visible to the standard passer-by, but that’s almost what gives the place its charm.

Like most of the best bars in London, 5cc is hidden away – it has no need to shout out who it is in neon lights (until you get inside) or have workers handing out discount vouchers and pointing you towards the joint. The drinks do the talking here, and I’m pretty sure this place will soon be the talk of the town.

My friend and I were impressed upon walking into Harrild & Sons, only to find that we were not yet in the bar we were supposed to be! I felt like I was part of an exclusive club, able to wander downstairs into the dimly lit drinking den, which hits you instantly as the perfect place to take a date. Cosy and intimate adorned with smart black leather seats, exposed brickwork and an open and very well stocked bar where you can watch the magic happen.

Cocktail lovers need to hunt this place down and try the array of no-nonsense concoctions such as the Prohibition Milk Punch (one for whisky lovers – it’s like a smokey pina colada), the Phagla Punch –  almost a fruiter version of a Mojito or the Lone Star – a twist on the traditional ‘dark and stormy’ but replacing rum with Scotch. Be aware though, that these thirst quenching potions go down rather easily whilst lounging underground…and once the fresh air hits you, it’s easy to see that these are made with the ‘good stuff’, not your average alcohol bought from the supermarket!

To soak up the alcohol, I’d suggest ordering some light bites..if there is a group of you the sliders are the perfect option. There’s something to tickle everyone’s tastebuds from bang bang chicken to veal schnitzel topped with a fried quail’s egg and if you are having burgers then you can’t not order fries…just make sure you get the beef dripping chips – they are seriously the most hunky chunky wedges I’ve had in a long time!


So if you are looking for somewhere intimate to take a date or if you just want to be one of those that are ‘in the know’ then see if you can find this hidden gem. What’s more, the staff are incredibly friendly too so even if you just want to skulk on your own with a whisky cocktail or three, you’ll be in for a good time!

Address 26 Farringdon Street, EC4A 4AB
Defining Feature Alcohol in lit up cages along the walls
Nearest Tube Farringdon
Website www.5cc-london.com