Product of the month: Elderbrook Cordials

What is it? A ‘better-for-you’ cordial (not squash!) that is delivered through your letterbox in some seriously smart packaging.

Where do I get it? You can sign up via

How much is it? One bottle every week is £3.99, 3 bottles per month is £9.99 and 6 bottles every month is £18.99 – so pretty reasonable and you can switch subscriptions or cancel at any time.


What’s so great about it? 

The makers of Elderbrook cordials used to work at Innocent drinks (another amazing drinks brand – think smoothies and juices) and know that water is, well a bit bland! They’ve managed to create some unique flavours that jazz up your water and definitely help me to drink more than my 8 glasses a day, and without any artificial sweeteners too!

There are currently 9 flavours and I tried Lime, Mint & Baobab, which is made from Made from coconut nectar, lime & apple concentrate, lime & mint flavouring, stevia, and the wonderfully named baobab.

I can’t say I’d heard of baoba either – but it is pretty much a cross between a melon and a pineapple and is what some may call a superfruit – claming to contain twice as much calcium as milk and three times more vitamin c than an orange!

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