The Cheese Bar – Camden

A whole bar dedicated to cheese!!!🧀 Enough said! It is already a winner in my eyes 😍


The Cheese Bar is loving brought to you by Matthew Carver and the team behind the amazing street food operation ‘The Cheese Truck’. You might have seen a bright yellow truck called Alfie at festivals around the country or if you’re a Londoner, you would have seen ‘Alfie’ at Maltby Street Market.


Like many street food vans before him (think Pizza Pilgrims etc.) the cheese truck has received masses of support (how could it not – it is melted cheese for goodness sake!) and now there is a permanent fixture in The Stables Market in Camden.

A gorgeous little venue with bar style seating around marble tops, gives the cheese bar the elegance it deserves! This isn’t just your average cheddar toastie my friend, there is a whole host of amazing cheeses to explore here!

The menu features classics from their street food days – for example the gorgeously oozy stilton, bacon and pear toasties as well as new additions from truffled cheese to mozarella sticks and extra gooey poutine!

We absolutely devoured everything from the Aligot smoked sausage with extremely cheesy mash to the London Burrata, which was so wonderfully smooth and creamy – as burrata should be!

There’s even some cheesy desserts…and no it’s not just a cheese board! Try the blue cheese ice cream for something extraordinarily different, it’s a shock to the senses – but in a good way!


Why not?! 

Because cheese is life! The list of reasons could go on and on…

but basically if you like cheese, then you will definitely love this place!


The Cheese Bar, Unit 93/94 Camden Market, London, NW18AH

Closest Tube: Chalk Farm