Product of the Month: Mac to the Future

One of my all time favourite cheese dishes is macaroni cheese. In recent years, there has been a number of macaroni pop ups surfacing in and around London, and my new favourite is Mac to the Future….and not just for the name!

So… three reasons why this macaroni cheese beats a lot of the other pop ups floating around London right now:

  1.  Mac to the Future prepare their mac n cheese fresh to order – No stale, hours old gloop, but a fresh pot, just for you!
  2. Ingredients are sourced locally – these guys are pretty nice and support local businesses, which I think is rather commendable!
  3. 5 cheeses – yes, you read that correctly! The mac n cheese is made with not two or three, but FIVE cheeses, meaning it is some seriously cheesy sauce, and nice and thick like the real stuff should be!

Now, that last point is vital…5 cheeses is pretty amazing in itself but there are also a number of toppings you can add to this cheesy delight. You can add crispy onions and herby pistachio breadcrumbs and for you meat lovers out there, a sprinkling of pancetta or chorizo is also an option. If however, you are feeling like something extra special, I’d go for the mushroom and truffle oil or caramelised onion for a posh mac n cheese that you will never forget!

Have a look at the Mac to the Future site here.