Product of the Month: Paxton and Whitfield’s Stilton

What is it?
Cheese, duh! This Stilton is pasteurised and made with cow’s milk.

Where do I get it?
You can get this cheese from all Paxton and Whitfield Shops and online.

How much is it?
£26 per kg – but you can get as much, or as little as you want on a weight basis in store or online for £6.50 per 250g

What’s so great about it?
This is no ordinary Stilton, it’s an award-winning Stilton, which is handmade by Cropwell Bishop Creamery in Nottinghamshire. A creamery that knows its stuff, having been making cheese for over 160 years! The cheese sold at Paxton and Whitfield has been matured for around 12 weeks before being sold in their shops and when you taste it you will most likely fall in love with it a little bit!

The texture is super creamy and almost buttery, so it melts in your mouth straight away! Those (weird people) that are cheese averse, tend to stick their noses up at blue cheese, thinking that it will be a strong, pungent taste, but this Stilton is definitely not overpowering.

With Christmas soon approaching, this is the perfect winter cheese to have with a glass of red wine…or even port on a cold winter’s night. As ever, Stilton makes a great addition to a cheeseboard (something I don’t wait until Christmas for! In fact, I probably have one a month!) so if you are looking for a blue cheese to fit on yours, then head over to Paxton and Whitfield for a chunk of fresh cheese – you will definitely be able to tell the difference compared to the supermarket versions!

One last tip: Keep refrigerated but serve at room temperature for perfect taste.

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